If you complete your order and do not receive a warning email for possible delay in case a product is not immediately available, the following applies:


For shipping within Attica, the transport cost is € 2.50 up to 2 kg. For each additional kilo, the charge amounts to € 0.60.

For shipping to the rest of Greece, the transport cost is € 3.00 up to 2 kg.For each additional kilo, the charge amounts to € 0.80

Time depends on destination:
For deliveries within Attica the delivery time is 1 to 2 working days
For deliveries to the rest of Greece it is 1 to 3 working days
In more inaccessible areas the delivery can be from 1 to 5 working days
In case of delay you can contact us to resolve the issue for you.


For shipping to Cyprus the transport cost is set at € 15.00 up to 2 kg weight. For each additional kilo, the charge amounts to € 4.50

Delivery of the order takes place within 5-6 working days,

Caution!!! The postal companies make some effort in your delivery area. If they do not find you, they leave a note with your shipping number so that you can contact them and arrange a delivery.
If you are away from home for several hours you can write down your work address or even choose to pick it up at your local post office store, where the parcel stays for 10 working days.

Shipments Worldwide

Shipments to all the other  countries are made with a cooperating Courier company and depend on the weight and the country of destination. Shipping costs are calculated at the checkout after placing the order.

Our company is not responsible for any additional customs charges that may arise when sending the customer’s order